Services provided

Services provided:
   *   Technical expertise
   *   Diagnostic
   *   Planning
   *   Construction
   *   Commerce of special insulation products

MÉHES RENOSZIG Ltd.'s main activities, technologies:
   *   Sealing of building structures
   *   Solution for moisture- and salt -loaded walls

   *   Injecting:
        *   Sealing of damp basements with hydro-structure
        *   Flexible, waterproofing Injection Resin
        *   Fast-foaming Injection Resin
        *   Soft Elastic Sealing Injection Resin
   *   Restoration of buildings. Protection of valuable building fabric from harmful salt
        and water inside basements, in exterior and facade areas: masonry restoration,
        sealing slurry, horizontal barrier, restoration render system
   *   Building and residential construction
   *   Drying walls with WETSAVE technology
   *   Drying walls with HW metal plate insert
   *   Cutting through walls
   *   Thermal insulation of facades
   *   Porous plasters
   *   Elastic mortal insulation
   *   Water proof membranes